Ingrid Williams Casein Painting
Ingrid Williams


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Ingrid Williams has shown at:
Cheryl Hazan Gallery, New York
Rochford & Messick Fine Art, Santa Fe
Jane Hamilton Fine Art, Tucson & Bisbee
Atelier Terra, Berlin
The Fountainhead, Seattle

Critical acclaim
Ingrid Williams is so good at isolating natural elements such as water, clouds, sand & rocks that you can't help but find her works irresistible. She is a master of casein, an old medium that rewards unconventional technique, and her works have amazing emotional strength. (P. Rochford)

More about casein paint
Casein binds pigment to a surface with milk protein, a medium used first by cave painters and later by the Egyptians and Romans. A 17th century Swiss recipe instructs furniture painters to pulverize dried skim milk curd, quench it with slaked lime and then add pigment, for a brilliant and ultimately permanent color. Oil painters use quick-drying casein as an under paint, a good practice promoted by Ross Merrill, chief of conservation for the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Until the advent of acrylic, casein was a medium of choice for posters, theater sets and home interiors. Now, this organic medium is ripe for rediscovery.

Artist statement
A poured casein gesture can imitate Nature. The gesture is abstract perhaps, but milk proteins attach to pigments as they will, surprising the painter and bringing content into the work that is unexpected. "A representational work of art can be real and abstract through the handling of a medium." (Transforming the Western Image)